Thursday, May 28, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Game Starts!

So here's the actually game we went to, not just walking around Detroit and the pre-game warm up, lol.

Lots of fun!
And the players take the ice!

It was a very good game, I took waaaay too many pictures.

During the Second Intermission we took pictures of ourselves. We were a little tired at that point...

Check out that wicked face paint!!!

We won!!!!! We won!!!

Red Wings Game!

On Tuesday May 19th my friend Kelly, my hubby and I went down to Detroit to see the Red Wings game! Round three, home game two of the play offs! We spent the whole day down there, walking around, eating at Hockeytown Cafe, and riding the people mover. We walked by Comerica Park (where the Detroit Tigers play), and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the giant Tigers they have there.

We got to the Joe Louis Arena very early (we were pretty excited) and we hung out outside the front doors and people-watched for a while. Always alot of fun!

SOOOOO much fun! We got inside and I took a couple of pictures with my two favorite players, Chris Osgood and Darren McCarty (I've loved them both for a long long time)

Mitch doesn't really understand my attraction to Darren McCarty, and I suppose judging from this picture I don't really get it either, you just have to see the man play!!! Mitch thought he was being funny... and he was.

Kelly and I got our faces painted and got some gigantic liqour filled drinks. The face painting was free and totally awsome, and the drinks were delicious!

After we got our drinks Kelly went up to our seats and Mitch and I headed down to the ice to watch the pre-game warm up, which was the coolest thing I've ever seen in my entire life I think. We stood behind the goal and had a ton of fun watching all the players.

It was amazing seeing the guys all goofing off together and laughing and teasing the crowd. Jiri Hudler kept shooting pucks at the glass where people were standing, not where we were, but around the corner. We did have a few stray pucks hit the glass right in front of my face! It was terrifying, but awesome!!! Make sure you turn the volume up on your computer. It was so loud and very exhillirating!

When Ty Conklin was in the net for a few minutes warming up, all the guys on the team went right up to the net they all started shooting at the same time. It was so funny! They were all laughing and teasing each other, and Conklin was throwing himself around trying to stop them all at once! He even fell a couple of times, it was really neat to watch them all act like that!

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