Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Videos of the Snowman

Lots of fun making a ten foot snowman!!!!!

I love how they scream like girls. :-D

I also like how Chad yells "Stinky poo!"

Up North at Grandma and Grandpa's!

The day after Christmas Mitchell had to work, but after he got home his parents, Quincie, Kathryn and Chad picked us up and we all went up north to Sue's mom and dad for the weekend. They live way in the middle of no where, I'm not sure where. But it's in the woods up north. And it was beautiful and relaxing and we had a lot of fun! I was initially worried about Alex, him and I were recovering from head colds and he was so exhausted from the excitment of Christmas. He did very well though. We got the spare bedroom and we brought the portable crib play pen thing that my mom has, so he slept at the foot of our bed, and he slept well. He was so worn out from all the playing! We got up there late friday night and saturday morning we all got up, had breakfast and went outside to play in the snow! The boys thought it would be a good idea to build a gigantic snowman...

It was extremely entertaining watching the three of them (Mitchell, Chad and Dad LaVire) trying to make it "big enough". Silly boys. The snow was sooo wet and heavy. It was actually raining during all of this! Nasty weather!

But clearly we all had a lot of fun, despite the rain! The rest of the weekend was spent playing games and drinking! Grandma has a bartending book, and she's trying to test all of the drinks, so we helped her out!

Chad, Mitch and I played Starcraft for four and a half hours (we didn't finish). I was going to win, but we all got sleepy and wanted to watch Dark Knight with everyone else.

There was also Euchre, Pirates, and Settlers of Catan to play, not to mention movies to watch and talking. It was a very relaxing weekend and we're looking forward to going back up soon!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Twas A Very Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas! I know I keep complaining to everyone about how much I don't like being back in Michigan, but Christmas with the families was wonderful! And it was even more special because Chad and Kathryn were able to come up from Memphis and Alf and Alicia were able to come from Chicago, so the whole family was together!!!

The Christmas Eve service was fun, I was the angel, hahaha. I was a pretty awesome angel too if I do say so myself. :-) That's where we first got to see Mitchell's family, Chad & Kathryn, Alf & Alicia and Grandma & Grandpa! There were so many people to see and visit with that we didn't get a good chance to chat much, plus we wanted/needed to get Alex home and in bed, so we didn't stick around for long. We knew we'd see everyone the next morning!

We got home, put Alex to bed and went straight to work! Mitch was wrapping his gifts and I was finishing his quilt that I'd started just two days before!!!!! Yikes! I was up until 1:30 finishing it, but it looked awesome and Mitch was thrilled!!!!

Christmas morning we got up, started the coffee and cinnamon rolls, made some sausage and scrambled eggs and opened presents! I received some very awesome gifts, but my favorite is probably the "Create A Date with Mitchell LaVire". The date includes a $50 Gift Card from Somerset Mall (a super fancy nice rich mall in Troy, MI), and $75 for dinner at a fancy resteraunt of my choice! So we're going to find a grandparent to babysit for us one day and have us a date and I'm going to get to go shopping! Woo hoo! My grandparents were down for Christmas too, and they gave us a $20 Appleebee's Gift Card, which is very special to me, because they didn't really have the money to do that, but wanted to do something. So I'm looking forward to the spinach artichoke dip! My mom got me a gigantic make-up kit and I had way too much fun with it!

Alex got some fun new toys, including wooden puzzles that he loves to do (now that he's figured it out) and a bus that makes the most annoying noises!!! Thanks grandma! Mitch got some great gifts too, a lot of DVDs (I got him almost all of M. Night Shamylan's movies. I forgot one, oops!), his quilt and some thermal undies to keep him warm at work to name a few.

After we opened gifts and played for a bit we headed off to my in-laws for more presents and food and good family fun! When we got there we gave everyone hugs (it felt like there were 50 people there I swear!) and settled down for the Christmas reading and then came the presents! Everyone got some very nice things, I don't think anyone was disapointed. It's so much more fun now with Kathryn and Alicia around, it's like GIRL POWER all the time! Mitch pointed out to me later in the day how very estrogen packed most of the gifts and conversations were, hahaha. I hadn't realized it, but he was right! There was alot of clothes and make up and nail polish and jewelry. I told Mitch I thought it was funny to see how obvious it was that the females did the majority of the gift picking and the men folk just handed over the cash, lol.

After the gifting was over Al and Sue told us they wanted to talk to us, and Sue stood in front of everyone and told us that they knew we were all aware they were having problems, and they couldn't keep avoiding the truth and not communicating and they were asking to help us keep them accountable with their actions with us and each other. Then we all prayed over them, well most of us did, but Kathryn, Quincie, Grandpa and I were all crying to hard to actually pray out loud. It was so wonderful to finally have it out in the open and I love them so much (and all of thier children) and I'm so so so very sad for them. It absolutely breaks my heart to see a relationship fall apart like that. And what's worse is that there doesn't seem to be any one good reason. The only thing Mitch and I can figure is that Al has hurt Sue and Sue has hurt Al, but they won't talk about any of it, and so wounds are just festering and getting deeper. Sue has been threatening to leave instead of talking and Al just meekly goes along with whatever she says instead of talking. It makes me so mad and so incredibly sad all at the same time. I wonder if their marriage can be salvaged after all the years of hurt going unspoken. With God all things are possibly. But only if you allow Him to work. *sigh* But at least they're being a bit open and honest with their kids. I love Mitch beyond words, and Chad and Alf and their spouses too, not to mention Quincie. I feel somewhat like a mother tiger protecting her cubs whenever they're hurting, and I have an especially soft spot for Mitch and Chad. So I've been stuggling for awhile with all of this, with the mad desire to tear someone limb from limb to stop them from hurting my boys. Oh it's such a big mess. But this is a happy blog entry! So let's move on!

After we prayed other family members and a neighbor arrived and we ate some really yummy turkey. The boys played this ridiculous xBox game that Mitch bought Chad. It was hillarious.

Uncle Alf played with Alex a lot. They both, and Mitch too, love to play rough. The three of them are on the same level I think. Wrestling and playing catch (or in Alex's case playing watch the ball roll by me and then going to get it) and throwing Alex around seemed to be the favorite games. They also had fun with the wiffle bats Chad got them all (thank you so much Chad). Alex didn't really get the "bat" idea, but he enjoyed sliding it around on the carpet like a hockey stick (that's my boy!). It was absolutely adorable watching Alfred play with Alex. He is going to make such a great daddy someday!

After all of that we were all exhausted and had to get home so Alex could get to bed and Mitch and I could finally catch our breath! So we packed up said our goodbyes after a few family photos, and headed home.

It was a great Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had to rest up for our trip up north on Friday night to Grandma and Grandpa Wesenicks!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Video of Alex

This is a video of Alex and I goofing around with out new camera.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Pictures of Alex

Today mom and I went out to do a little Christmas shopping and I had to exchange some pants and get some dressy shoes for Christmas becuase I'm singing with the choir and dont want to go dressed like a bum. So we went to Fashion Bug, Target and Payless and I spent some money and got some nice stuff. Alex was with us, of course, and he was real sleepy and kinda cranky, but I bought him some juice and popcorn at Target and that seemed to keep him pretty happy. We had fun, I got dad some dress socks (he's so boring when It comes to Christmas presents) and bought some stuff for myself, hehehe. I got some cute ankle boots (it's waaaay to cold for dress shoes) and black pants, and I'm hoping to find a shirt somewhere, but I may just wear something old. Oh well. I've been taking pictures with my new camera and having lots of fun.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So I was lurking around kelly's facebook and found these pictures from when she was down to visit us in Florida in July of '07. :-)

Christmas Presents

I met Kelly for dinner at Red Robbin last night and it was super yummy. Whiskey River BBQ Burger all the way! It was so good, and we had a lot of fun, we sat there for 2 1/2 hours I think talking. She gave me our Christmas presents too, a cute outfit for Alex (jeans and a nice button up shirt), a Red Wing Jersey for Alex, a stuffed animal sheep that her mom got him, a very nice down comforter that her and Michelle were going to give to their parents (but they didn't want it) and a new camera! It's a green Finepix Z20 and it's sooo pretty and really really nice.
This is a picture of it I got offline (obviously I can't take a picture of my camera, lol. Actually I could use mom's webcam, but it doesn't take that nice of pictures, and this is much easier. But the battery is charging right now, so there will be lots more pictures to come! I'm making Kelly a quilt for Christmas (it wont be done in time), that's why she got me such an awesome gift. :-) She knew I wanted it for Christmas Day, so that's why we met up yesterday, and she was too afraid of getting sick so she didn't come over to the house, hahaha. She's funny. Everyone's feeling much better now, thankfully.

I know what Alfred is getting me for Christmas too. Quincie was over on Saturday and we went shopping (yet again lol) and he called her while she was over asking her what to get me. She told him the Twilight soundtrack, but didn't realize there was the soundtrack and the score, so she asked which one I wanted (both) and told him. So I know I'm getting one of them from Alfred and Alicia.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Okay so I found this website and really want to make a Harry Potter quilt.
Unfortunately I'm not very good, or motivated. But we'll see.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas fun and heartbreak

So Kelly is getting me a new digital camera for Christmas because I'm (slowly) making her a quilt. I'm super excited. It's green and fun. It will be great to take lots of pictures and put them right on my computer again.

On a more depressing note, my mother and father in law are not doing so well. My father in law Al was crying so hard at church on sunday that he couldn't even talk, he was just sobbing. It looks like Sue my mother in law wants a divorce and is being a bitch about it. I'm ready to punch her in the face, but I'm trying to just pray for her. And him. And Mitchell. And Quincie. And their two other children. Quincie's going to be the most affected considering she's still living at home. Poor girl. *sigh* I really wish I could help more. Christmas should be interesting. I'm going to have to pray for patience and control of my tongue and to think before I speak... It could get ugly. I'm sick of Sue's crap and I'm close to saying something. I don't want to cause problems for Mitchell though. It's just so sad. She doesn't want to have anything to do with Alex. She came over a couple of weeks ago to hang out with him, but that was the only day she's actually made an effort to spend time with him. Usually she doesn't even talk to him or even look at him. She's so self absorbed and too busy blaming Al for every little thing. Argh, it makes me sick. I hope we can at least have one last HAPPY Christmas together before the shit hits the fan... We'll see.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Alex loves the snow, but he doesn't like mittens or hats or boots. So we're working on it. He's also a little unsure of actually walking in the snow, but he'll get there.

Last night dad came home from youth group early and went into the bathroom so he could throw up. Mom came home a bit later and went to check on him and found him passed out (literally) on the floor. He never threw up but he had diahrreah so bad it was just running out of him like water. Anytime he tried to drink some water it wouuld come out a half hour later. So it was a long night. Today he slept most of the day and actually ate three crackers and drank a few swigs of smoothie. Then he coughed and almost pooped so he decided to go back to bed, lol. And earlier today mom threw up. So we're thinking that dad has food poisoning and mom threw up because she had a migraine all day today and yesterday. Mitchell, Alex and I are all feeling okay so we'll see.

I went out to the store today to get some stuff and it was only 23 degrees. Ugh. I love winter.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Yeah we had spaghetti for dinner tonight. Time to go hose off the baby.

Winter Wonderland

We got a bunch of snow last night. All the schools were closed. Happy December.

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