Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday sunday (bah bah bah duh duh duh) so good to me...

So today, or technically I suppose it was yesterday, was alright. I did not want to get up out of bed to go to church, but Mitch would've been sad if I had skipped, so I managed to get up at 10:10. We're supposed to leave home at 10 to make it ontime. So I threw on some clothes, pulled my hair in ponytail, painted my face to make myself look alive and went. It was a typical service, we butchered some hymns and listened to dad, then after the service I went to choir practice. I'm only joining for Christmas. Love me some Christmas music. It was hillarious watching all the adults not listen to the director and not know their parts. It made me think of choir at school and all the fun Bri and I had together.

After choir Mitch and I met up with mom and dad and alex and a whole bunch of old people from church at a crappy little greasy diner called Golden Gate. Words cannot describe, but it's fun going to hang out with the old folks, they're a riot.

We got home after lunch and we all went to lay down for while. I was so tired, but I played on the computer for a bit and then watched an episode of Private Practice, which I'm addicted to. Then I slept for about an hour. You see, lately Mitchell has been thrashing around in his sleep and I haven't been able to sleep. For like a week. But I got a nap in today and hopefully I'll get to sleep in tomorow, or rather today... Anyway.

When I woke up it was time to start hauling up Christmas decor from downstairs, including the giant 9 foot Christmas tree for the living room. We got the tree up and decorated, then dad went out and got some Chinese food. Yum, love me some sweet and sour chicken. After dinner I pretty much just sat around on my bootey all evening until Alex's bath time. I gave him his bath, then it was play time for a bit more, then we shipped him off to bed. Then I sat around on my bootey some more.

Now everyone else is in bed asleep and I'm sitting here in the chair with Avery sitting on the arm beside me purring, and we're staring at the giant Christmas tree. I figure since it's almost 1am I should go sleep, but I'll just get abused by some super long arms and legs thrashing about. So I'll sit here awhile longer. Maybe watch another episode, see what Addison's up to. Even though I've already seen every single episode. Oh well.

I've been buying Mitchell stuff off of ebay. I've been spending way too much money, but I want him to have a good Christmas, he deserves it. I'll try to be good though from now on... We'll see.


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