Thursday, December 4, 2008

Alex loves the snow, but he doesn't like mittens or hats or boots. So we're working on it. He's also a little unsure of actually walking in the snow, but he'll get there.

Last night dad came home from youth group early and went into the bathroom so he could throw up. Mom came home a bit later and went to check on him and found him passed out (literally) on the floor. He never threw up but he had diahrreah so bad it was just running out of him like water. Anytime he tried to drink some water it wouuld come out a half hour later. So it was a long night. Today he slept most of the day and actually ate three crackers and drank a few swigs of smoothie. Then he coughed and almost pooped so he decided to go back to bed, lol. And earlier today mom threw up. So we're thinking that dad has food poisoning and mom threw up because she had a migraine all day today and yesterday. Mitchell, Alex and I are all feeling okay so we'll see.

I went out to the store today to get some stuff and it was only 23 degrees. Ugh. I love winter.

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