Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Presents

I met Kelly for dinner at Red Robbin last night and it was super yummy. Whiskey River BBQ Burger all the way! It was so good, and we had a lot of fun, we sat there for 2 1/2 hours I think talking. She gave me our Christmas presents too, a cute outfit for Alex (jeans and a nice button up shirt), a Red Wing Jersey for Alex, a stuffed animal sheep that her mom got him, a very nice down comforter that her and Michelle were going to give to their parents (but they didn't want it) and a new camera! It's a green Finepix Z20 and it's sooo pretty and really really nice.
This is a picture of it I got offline (obviously I can't take a picture of my camera, lol. Actually I could use mom's webcam, but it doesn't take that nice of pictures, and this is much easier. But the battery is charging right now, so there will be lots more pictures to come! I'm making Kelly a quilt for Christmas (it wont be done in time), that's why she got me such an awesome gift. :-) She knew I wanted it for Christmas Day, so that's why we met up yesterday, and she was too afraid of getting sick so she didn't come over to the house, hahaha. She's funny. Everyone's feeling much better now, thankfully.

I know what Alfred is getting me for Christmas too. Quincie was over on Saturday and we went shopping (yet again lol) and he called her while she was over asking her what to get me. She told him the Twilight soundtrack, but didn't realize there was the soundtrack and the score, so she asked which one I wanted (both) and told him. So I know I'm getting one of them from Alfred and Alicia.

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