Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Date!

For Christmas Mitchell got me a $50 gift card to the Somerset Mall in Troy, MI and $75 for dinner on the same day. We went yesterday after church and had a great time! The mall is on both the north and south sides of Big Beaver Road (really, I didn't make that name up!) and it's connected by a huge walkway with the moving floor thing, like in airports! It was a fantastic mall, with super nice rich fancy stores (Coach, Tiffany, Gucci, Louis Vuiton, ect.), stuff I couldn't afford! But we had a great time together and i managed to buy a few things. :-)

This is the walkway over Big Beaver Road.

This is some "artwork" in front of the mall...
It looks more like something you'd throw at
an approaching army or something.

The lobby of the south side, complete with
picturesque fountain and self playing grand piano.

The roof in the food court, with some snow on it.

A peacock, in the Peacock Cafes (the food court).

The inside of the mall, north side.

Our dinner at P.F. Chang's!!!

Lots of leftovers!

Dessert in shot glasses!

We're so cute! And full!!!

A cocktail napkin.

The horse statue out front of P.F. Chang's.

The stuff I got at LUSH!
clockwise from top:
Almond Soap
Lemony Flutter cuticle creme
Whip Stick lip balm
massage bar
blonde hair shampoo bar
vanilla bath bomb
Happy Hippie shower gel
Dream Cream lotion

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