Saturday, February 7, 2009

Two More Days!

I just have to get through tomorow and Monday, then we're on our way! I'm excited about seeing Alfred and Alicia, I'm excited about riding the train with Mitchell, I'm excited about our hotel (it looks freaking awesome), and I'm excited about EVERYTHING! Pizza, cab rides, Navy Pier, coffee shop (in the hotel!), indoor pool, vacation, eating out, shopping and a magnet! We collect refridgerator magnets from everywhere we've been. Oooh, the hotel has a gift shop, so we'll get one there, like we did at the Sheraton in Nashville.

I wonder how much I'll miss Alex... I've never spent the night away from him before. It kinda scares me. I know he will be just fine. Just not sure how I'll be. We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

You will have a blast! We left Lindsey and Alicia when they were 3 and 1. We went to Dallas for 6 days. They did great and I did, too! I reminded myself of how much Dave and I needed couple time. The girls were with their grandparents and loved on a whole bunch.

Have a great time and enjoy these couple of days together.

Tell my kids I love them ;)

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