Friday, July 10, 2009

Counting My Blessings

Now that I'm pregnant for the second time, I find myself tired all the time, sick to my stomache alot, achy, irratable, crying for no reason, being mean to my wonderful hubby, not having any patience with my two year old, and a whole bunch of other wonderful things. Needless to say, I've been finding a million and one things to complain about. And complain is what I've been doing. And being mean. And wishing things were easier. Pregnancy really is a miserable experience if you let it be that way. But I don't want to be a miserable person anymore. I was just reading a friends blog, and all three of her daughters have now moved far away. She's a wonderful woman, full of love for Christ, her girls and her hubby. And anyone who needs her. While reading about her struggles I realized how stupid I've been acting. I have a wonderful husband, an amazing son (even though he's now acting like a two year old), a great family, great friends, and now this new little miracle thats growing inside of me. Not to mention a Saviour who loves me no matter how horrible I act. I really need to just shut up about how icky I feel. It doesn't matter how tired I am. I need to stop complaining. If I'm really tired and don't feel good, I can just Mitch (sometimes even Alex) or someone else if anyone's around, and they will help me and take care of me! I also realized today that I have the very best father in law a girl could ask for. He works nights, so he's exhausted most of the time, but every couple of days he takes Alex out either to a store or to his house. I know he loves spending time with him, but I also realized today that he does it to give me a break and let me rest. He is amazing, truly a gift from God. And I've been rude to him, because I was tired. *sigh* But reading my friends blog made me appreciate just what I have. So no more of the attitude. Yes, I'll still be tired and feel sick all the time. But I'm so blessed! Thank you friend, for reminding me of this. Your daughters are extremely blessed to have you for a mom, don't ever forget that, especially while you're apart!

To all my friends, family and anyone else who's done something for me or my family:
Thank you. I truly appreciate you.

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